Simplified multi-platform media analytics and business acceleration from the solution experts

Flow Media Systems creates tailored B2B media analytics tools and reporting solutions that utilize ratings, streaming data, and specialized reporting across platforms to instantly reveal ROI in your existing media workflows, data, and processes.

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We build high-impact enterprise solutions designed for the challenges you face today.

Your existing data sources, reporting formats, distribution, and broader workflow strategies are anything but “off the shelf.” From end to end, there’s a lot of different content and data across a lot of different platforms. And we get that.

Flow Media Systems provides the media analytics expertise you need to simplify your data and reporting processes to extract actionable insights. We build media analytics tools designed for the challenges your business faces today.



Unparalleled Media Analytics Expertise Without the Red Tape

Housing, structuring, and normalizing new or existing data sets is a complex task. Our veteran team has a proven track record building powerful reporting tools, dashboards, and visualizations around your existing data, helping to unlock more targeted linear and nonlinear programming strategies across the board.

Our systems are capable of supporting and ingesting linear ratings, and streaming data, as well as produce a multitude of specialized reporting across platforms.

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Real-Time Focus Group Analysis & Paperless Pilot Testing

Are your testing processes as targeted as they could be? We have the automation expertise needed to provide near real-time analysis of on-site focus group metrics and testing data.

Working on site with the top market research firms, we can turn around results at speed, aiding in a more targeted and effective testing process. In addition, our flagship Paperless Pilot program allows for real-time, 100% online testing.

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Why Choose Us

Simple, cost-efficient, and aligned with your business needs

Real-Time Focus Group Analysis & Paperless Pilot Testing

We can get you the timely intelligence you need, right when your teams need it, without overengineering the process. Thanks to our unique experience developing for media research and analytics, we understand your business needs, not just data-storing and technical solution-building.

Quick time to value through actionable insights

Work with a truly specialized media analytics company with the experience and pedigree to hit the ground running and deliver ROI fast. Our team has more than 40 years of combined experience in data management and development within the entertainment media space.

Better efficiency across all your existing platforms

There’s just so much data out there, so many redundancies and duplicated efforts, it can make your head spin. Our process, data, and workflow automation experts specialize in modernizing legacy systems and automating simple reporting requirements—single-source, multi-platform, or otherwise.


My group has worked with Kerry and his team at Flow Media for over 5 years. Their knowledge of our industry and ability to adapt our website to our internal and external client needs has been instrumental in evolving our report and information distribution.

I have a decades long professional relationship with Kerry that began when I was at The Walt Disney Company and continues to this day at Warner Bros. I have known, been pitched and worked with many media analytics companies throughout my career. Kerry and Flow Media have consistently distinguished themselves due in large part to Kerry’s thorough knowledge of this space and his unique comprehension of what makes sense for our needs. Kerry and his team truly “get” television research and perfectly balance the imperative for accuracy along with the client’s specifics for customization.

FLOW Media Systems designs, implements and maintains research tools for FOX’s broadcast entertainment division. At FOX, we rely on FLOW as our partner in executing key operational functions and delivering crucial audience insights to direct our business

Flow Media delivers creative concepts and incredible designs. It’s been amazing working with Kerry over the years. He is attentive and always delivers creative solutions to address whatever challenges we put forth. Working with Flow Media, you receive quality, reliability (and excellent personal care)! Flow is my go-to company for all of my software solution needs.

Kerry Logan and I worked together on several systems at FOX Broadcasting Company and he is a creative and generous collaborator from beginning to end of each project. One of Kerry's talents is his ability to deeply understand the needs and challenges of the user so he can create a completely customized workflow that is agile and efficient and stands the test of time.

I’ve worked on numerous projects with Kerry and Flow Media over the years. Their key ability to provide structure, organization and automation allowed me to increase productivity, while meeting four fiscal requirements.